Warm and Wild Yarns

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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Warm and Wild Yarns

Warm and Wild YarnsI've been busy playing with 70 lbs. of roving I just got back from the mill. I have some OOOHHHHHHHHHH so soft Alpaca merino blens that is a very light natural tan(this is going to be my new Chemise for period shows), a light blue alpaca that spins very fine, a wonderful suprise was the white wool that almost went in the dumpster with some Llama that was scheduled for the same fate. This blend is one of the softest I have had from free fleece that wasn't in the best condition.I have a luscious light mint green 50/50 wool Alpaca blend that will be next to the skin items. The brown Merino fleece I sent up camae back to die for. It reminds me of homemade fudge, so soft and smooth. The grey green batch is not what I expected but is intriguing. Just enough green to give a hint but not enough to see the color. Two batches of white 50/50 wool Alpaca to play with for next to skin garments.
I have also been busy designing more socks and purses. I spun enough yarn to design and knit a sweater for my significant other in a size 6x. My Math was off and I didn't discover it until I had 22 inches done on the body. After a visit to the Frog Pond I am 15 inches into the body and IT FIT HIM. so maybe I won't feel like I wasted 2 days of knitting on the first one if this keeps going so fast. I figure at this rate I should have the sweater done by Friday at the latest.
I will be posting pictures when I get a chance. If things work out like I hope I will be changing a few of the past posts soon.
Have a Great Night Knitting.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Warm and Wild Yarns

Just a few pictures to keep you updated on what I have been doing the last couple days. Hope you enjoy the pictures and feel free to leave comments about them.
Thanks and have a GREAT day.

This is the mommy and me set completed. Posted by Picasa

This shows the cable all the way down the heel flap. This is a quick knit out of worsted weight yarn. Posted by Picasa

Braided Cable Clog socks. The cable goes all the way to the bottom of the heel flap and is visible whenwearing clogs or sandals. Posted by Picasa

Replacable Peasant heel sock. Easy beginners sock pattern with reinforcable and replacable heel and toe. Posted by Picasa

Monday, January 02, 2006

Warm and Wild Yarns

I know its been awhile since I posted. had a busy holiday season and am getting back to work. I am working out a couple new designs for the future and test knitting a couple patterns for a friend. I hope to have these done in the next week and hopefully get a couple days of SUNSHINE to get some good pictures. Trying to get Inventory done in the shop and ideas on paper before I loose the ideas. I hope every one Had a Safe Holiday season and look forward to Great New Year.