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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Warm and Wild Yarns

Warm and Wild YarnsI've been busy playing with 70 lbs. of roving I just got back from the mill. I have some OOOHHHHHHHHHH so soft Alpaca merino blens that is a very light natural tan(this is going to be my new Chemise for period shows), a light blue alpaca that spins very fine, a wonderful suprise was the white wool that almost went in the dumpster with some Llama that was scheduled for the same fate. This blend is one of the softest I have had from free fleece that wasn't in the best condition.I have a luscious light mint green 50/50 wool Alpaca blend that will be next to the skin items. The brown Merino fleece I sent up camae back to die for. It reminds me of homemade fudge, so soft and smooth. The grey green batch is not what I expected but is intriguing. Just enough green to give a hint but not enough to see the color. Two batches of white 50/50 wool Alpaca to play with for next to skin garments.
I have also been busy designing more socks and purses. I spun enough yarn to design and knit a sweater for my significant other in a size 6x. My Math was off and I didn't discover it until I had 22 inches done on the body. After a visit to the Frog Pond I am 15 inches into the body and IT FIT HIM. so maybe I won't feel like I wasted 2 days of knitting on the first one if this keeps going so fast. I figure at this rate I should have the sweater done by Friday at the latest.
I will be posting pictures when I get a chance. If things work out like I hope I will be changing a few of the past posts soon.
Have a Great Night Knitting.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Quilted cuff sock knit with bunny hop - very bad pattern. i worked for hours trying to figure it out. Must be a huge error in working rows 2 thru 7 and no more y.o.'s. I am very disappointed to buy yarn and find the pattern is incorrect.

Advanced knitter, Rita

3:41 PM  

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