Warm and Wild Yarns

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Friday, February 03, 2006

Warm and Wild Yarns

Pictures of a couple new designs that still need a little refinement. I have been busy with the shop and getting wool gathered up to have it processed for spinning. I have some wonderfully soft Alpaca blends and a couple pure Alpaca batches. I have a batch of 50/50 angora wool and 50/50 wool Mohair coming back in the next week. i am anxiously waiting to see how they come out. Getting things around to teach a class on Knitting a basic sock. The owner of the newest yarn shop in the area has asked me to teach the class. I love doing this as it is free advertising for my shop. I son't carry the same yarns as the other shops in the area and have a very loyal clientel and I also offer custon spinning and custom dying for my customers. I wish the new shop owner well but have my doubts whether she will last long as she is trying to make a go of it carrying the same yarn as the big chain stores in the area.
Have a Great night Knitting.


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