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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

They really let me play with the big toys today. About 10 minutes after cutting the ribbon for my shop I checked email and found out another one of my designs has been accepted by Art Yarns. I am so EXCITED to work with the wonderful yarns that Iris has:) this will be so much fun. I will post a picture of the project as I go so you can see the progress. I can't knit fast enough to get everything done before the yarn gets to me but I will try.
I am also working on designs for Crystal PAlace and almost heve a box full to send in. The other project I have going is for Cherry Tree Hill. I hope they like as I have fallen in love with this PAIR of socks and will have to make a PAIR for me!This is an unusual thing for me as I normally only do the one sock for the design and then am on to the next pattern. these make me want a PAIR and I am having a hard time knowing when I finish I will have twins and not freinds for sockss I wil have to celebrate.

The Ribbon Cutting

Are they really going to hand ME a weapon that big??????LOL. the ribbon cutting for the shop was today and they really did let me use the giant scissors. This was alot of fun and I meet some new people and have a few more hooked on the shop and off the wall ideas:-)

Friday, August 03, 2007

Ready to update :)

Well the sho has been open a month. I am still on Pacific time so getting up in the morning is a challenge:( Getting lots of traffic and alot of great reactions. Already have had students for the classes and have several good customers who are also becoming great freinds. I am in a small mini mall and know a lot of the other shop owners and we all get along great so it makes the time go by fast.
I am working on a new sock design out of Cherry Tree Hill's NEW sockittome yarn and several new designs for Crystal Palace( would show you but then Susan wouldn't be suprised when she opens the box) HI Susan(waving with a mischeivous grin on my face)!
Hoping to see some pictures from those who have tried some of the patterns. If you have qeustions or comments about the patterns you can send them to warmandwildyarns@verizon.net or the shop snail mail is 136 E. Maumee St Adrian, MI 49221.
I hope everyone is having a GREAT summer and getting in some fun knitting projects as well. I will have a few special projects coming up for a new yahoo group ( new_yarns@yahoo .com ) and my Neice who I found out is expecting her first baby in February. since I designed the sweater for her mother I have to design a set for her and the baby.
As always I am having fun and hoping everyone is enjoying the patterns and the new yarns they get to use with them.
Happy Knitting,Nancy