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Monday, November 07, 2005

Top veiw of the Enterlac sock I designed Posted by Picasa


Blogger :L, Laura said...

your entrelac sock is just spectacular! my friend, for whom i bought the holiday gift kit, is thrilled too!
turns out the word ENTRELAC is french; and means partition or section. it is used in quantum theory and in discussions of antique sterling silver and even antique furniture, when they have fancy designs that are interwoven like celtic circles even.
the swedish use of the design in knitting comes from the ancient use of birch bark weaving in shoes, and it is called birchbark
knitting, as they first knit socks by a method that looked like the woven birchbark of their shoes.
so other names for entrelac knitting are birchbark knitting, and interweave knitting.
if you want i now have about 5 books with refs on entrelac so can give you the info. mostly in my scandanavian books.

3:55 AM  

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